Where To Order Custom Basketball Jerseys For Your Team

Having real life basketball jerseys is super important when it comes to making your team feel represented. Think about it, entering the gym in the same old jerseys your players have been using since the past two seasons is not precisely the most motivational feeling, right? Go ahead and encourage your players to score like never before with custom basketball jerseys that represent who they are and what the team stands for.

Think making custom basketball uniforms is too complicated or expensive for you? Think again! There are tons of websites that allow you to print your team’s logo into a wide variety of garments and accessories to create a full uniform. In this post I will go over some of the best sites that offer this service and let you create beautiful and professional basketball jerseys with your team’s logo, colors and even numbers and names so your team can be ready for the next season just in time!

Do You Have a Basketball Logo for Your Team Already?

First things first. You will need a basketball team logo to add to the jerseys. If you already have one, that’s awesome. Go fetch it as you will need to upload it or email it to these custom uniform sites.

Don’t have a basketball logo yet? No worries, head to Placeit > Sports Teams and choose a sports logo template that represents your team.

Have a look at some of the awesome logos you can create for your basketball team in seconds and without any design skills:


Make sure to check out the tutorial we wrote on how to make your own basketball logo (it has a step-by-step video!)

Does My Team Need Custom Basketball Uniforms?

YES! Having professional basketball uniforms for your team is not just about looking good on the court. Giving each and every player a custom basketball uniform is a great way to keep the team ready to smash the competition.

Making custom basketball uniforms for the team is great for:

✓ Motivation. Give them something to feel proud and excited about when game day arrives.

✓ Representation. It’s proven that uniforms give players a sense of belonging, make a basketball uniform that will represent the team.

✓ Professionalism. Want your team to perform like the pros? Then give them custom uniforms that will make them look like the pros.

What Are the Best Sites to Order Custom Basketball Jerseys for My Team?

So, are you convinced that making custom jerseys for your team is a great move to make? Hope so! Now, let’s get to the fun part, where on earth are you supposed to print your custom made basketball jerseys? There’s probably a local custom uniform business near you, but if you want to explore online possibilities to get access to a wider set of garments and accessories, I’d recommend finding an online uniform printer you can work with.

I went ahead and reviewed some of the best custom uniform providers out there so you don’t have to. Here are the best ones that allow you to upload your existing basketball logo and print it on tons of basketball gear and merchandising, have a look:

This site is one of the pioneers when it comes to customizing uniforms for college teams, little leagues, amateurs etc. They offer not just your typical basketball jersey but tons of other products with you can create to build team representation.

Want the entire team’s entourage to dress up for the occasion? Make custom activewear, t-shirts or hoodies with your team’s logo for them to wear for every game!

These guys are a great option to do that since they offer a wide set of apparel items for you to build a loyal fanbase.

TIP: to find exactly what you need you can filter your search by product, style, brand or garment color.

Team Sportswear makes it super easy for you to upload your existing basketball logo to the products, no hassle at all. Just click on “Add images” after choosing your jersey type (or any other product), this way you will be able to add your own image file to the template, reposition it and adjust its size.

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